software-programmer-technologyMost people usually associate superior intelligence with software programming. Well, I really wouldn’t mind people thinking I have superior intelligence even if I don’t have it. The reality is that I’m just like everybody else. The software programmer in me just gives me more value.

Spot The Difference

The myth about software programmers being smart is exactly what it is…..a myth! Part of the reason why most people are intimidated with software programming is that they think it requires some kind of super thinking. Well, it doesn’t. If there’s something that we software programmers have in excess, it’s patience.

We like to break it all down and find solutions. Now, that takes a lot of time. I guess that’s what sets us apart from others. But we’re just that kind of people.

“Some people would say, ‘Oh, I don’t know what to do here.’ And they’ll put it down … Other people will basically say, ‘Oh, I don’t know what to do here. Let me see how this works. And that’s how to break it down and see what the building blocks of this thing is. Those are people that tend to be the programmers.”

That kind of attitude clearly reflects patience. That’s the difference.

Having The Right Attitude

I’m just very lucky that I love what I do. The passion I have for software programming plus patience makes everything easier for me. Hence, I would like to think that I have the right attitude towards what I do.

Attitude counts a lot. As a software programmer, it’s important that I’m in touch with almost everything and everybody around me. I need to have a “can do’ spirit. A healthy positive thinking is what makes up my attitude. But that’s not to say that I am never challenged and I don’t make mistakes. The reality is that I’m always challenged and I make a lot of mistakes. But that’s exactly what a healthy positive attitude is … challenged enough to find solutions and humble enough to make mistakes.

The Qualities That Make Up A Software Programmer

Aside from having a healthy, positive attitude towards what I do, it’s really a must that I am able to communicate with everybody. As a software programmer, I need to know more about the world around me so that I can connect it to what I do. Suffice it to say, most software programmers will agree with me on that.

“I cannot stress how valuable your communication skills are  … for me good communication skills is a programmer’s means to communicate technical implications in non-technical terms in a way that’s simple and accessible to people who are trying to work with you.”

So it’s really not about superior intelligence. It’s about patience, good communications skills, and humility to learn from mistakes. Given those qualities, we, software programmers, can always come up with the right kind of solution.

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