software-programming2A lot of people come up to me, asking me how it is to be a software programmer. The first thing I tell them is that it’s fun. I just love the fact that I deal  with various kinds of people and work environment.  As a software programmer, I am not just confined within the walls of my office. Creating, designing, and developing a software are just the initial steps. We need to go beyond that. We deal with the various departments in the office to get feedback.

I consider myself lucky because I love what I do. A lot of my friends envy my attitude about my work. But I really wouldn’t have this kind of positive attitude if it weren’t for a job that I’m just so passionate about. There’s just nothing routine and ordinary about my job as a software programmer. I just really find it exciting.

So maybe you might want to consider becoming a software programmer. Well, the start up salary isn’t bad at all. As a matter of fact, reports:

“The Labor Department reports that software developers made a median salary of $89,280 in 2011, a decent bump from the median $87,790 salary in 2010.”

Seeing that upward trend, you probably have a good idea as to how much you can earn now. It’s definitely not too late to think about it.

Of course, the compensation is not everything. But it is enticing, isn’t it? Software programming as a whole is very empowering, according to, a Carbonite offer code site. To show you just that, I’m sharing with you a video on how it feels to be a software programmer.

Daniel is a professional software developer. In his own words, he defines what a software programmer is.

“A programmer is a problem-solver. So whether it’s coming up with a formula to make a calculation or changing formats of data from one point to another to make it useful, that’s at the core of what a programmer is …”

As software programmers, we are not confined in a box of restrictions. We go beyond the possibilities to see how we can solve a problem scientifically.

So probably your next question is how to solve anything scientifically. Well, Daniel has this to say:

“… we use codes to write applications that automate those sort of processes …”

For some, that may sound a little too techie. But if you can read, write, and understand; then you can code. That’s a fact.

Daniel adds an exciting facet to becoming a software developer.

“A programmer is also someone that is really in touch with the world around them. Applications that are in demand today are ones that solve world wide problems whether it’s a business process, whether it’s a way for people to communicate with each other or a way for them to interact with the world around them. So a programmer has to be very aware of the world and also very creative and look at in a way that codes can solve it.”

Daniel hit the spot right there. Contrary to the belief that we, programmers, live in our own world; we actually have to be in touch with the world around us so that we can apply the right codes that can work for everybody. Consider this, we have a language that needs to be translated for everybody to understand. How challenging and exciting is that?

At this point, you maybe wondering about the qualities of a software programmer. You maybe surprised with what Daniel has to say about that:

“A programmer should be a good problem solver. They should be a creative thinker and they should be lazy.”

In Daniel’s words, this is what it means to be a good problem solver:

“Being a good problem solver means they need to have an insight on how to automate a business processes, they should  know how to format and exchange data and they should know how to facilitate communication … that’s what software is all about.”

This is what it means to be a creative thinker.

“Being a creative thinker means thinking outside the box. It means looking at things in a new way or looking at an existing solution and asking how can I make it better, how can I do it faster, more efficient and what type of usability can I bring to users that doesn’t already exist.”

This is what it means to be lazy.

“Being lazy means not repeating work. Reusing what’s already out there, utilizing the existing tools, utilizing the existing code, and making the solutions you create as generic as possible so that other developers can then reuse your work.”

At this point, I think you have a pretty good idea on how it is to be a software programmer. With all that, you may just want to consider becoming a software programmer.

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