software-programmerIt’s a fact that most people find us geeky.  When I tell people what I do, they look at me as I were from outer space. They think I’m that smart guy that does nothing but think about numbers and formula.

Well, the good news is that I am that smart guy! I know it! I go beyond the limits to solve problems. But I don’t just think about numbers and formula. I go beyond that to figure out stuff. And that’s how exciting my life is.

While that can be quite intimidating for others, I think that’s really cool. You see as a software programmer, I am not confined into a box. We do a lot of research so that we can create, design, and develop a computer-based program that can make everybody’s life easier. Such computer-based program is what we call a  software.

While the word “software” may sound too techie for some, it’s really something that everybody depends on. Having said that, I really wouldn’t consider myself a geek. The fact that we are able to come up with a “product” that can make life easier just means we are the coolest guys in the world.

We love what we do and we lead normal lives. We have the whole future ahead of us and we find that exciting. Even a group of young students, taking up a short course on programming and software development, see a bright future ahead of them. They have this to say about software programming.

Brian states:

“In programming and software development, we spend most of our day behind a computer. So if that doesn’t sound fun,  then shame on you, coz I enjoy it.”

Kevin has this to say:

“I’m in computer programming, software development. We program codes for applications we use in the computer.”

But let’s face, who does not spend the whole day in front of a computer? Every kind of workplace is dependent on a computer nowadays. Everybody is dependent on some kind of software to get the job done.

That point takes me back as to why my life as a software programmer is exciting. The future in technology is laid out for me. Any kind of industry will welcome my expertise. Brian sees this as well.

Brian says:

“We spend a lot of time just working on software. We spend a little time with hardware but focus mostly on software. We program applications that might be used in the industry. We definitely make things that are going to benefit ourselves in the future when we’re learning in depth programming.”

Interestingly, he adds this about software programming:

“This is a learning experience. You’re gonna have to figure out how to get from point A to point B.  Once you do, you realize that the skills you require on the way are really going to benefit you throughout the rest of your life.”

Kevin and Brian know how valuable their skills are in programming and software development. Now matter what course they take up in the future, they both know that the basic skills they have learned in their software programming course will all be put to good use. Seeing a bright future ahead is definitely not geeky at all.

One of the benefits of being a software programmer is that I am exposed to various software that I get to use to make my life easier. In fact, when we get to use some of these software in the office, we get to experience first hand whether a software does what it really is suppose to do. It’s really like having the opportunity to try out software (at the company’s expense) and if I really love the software, I get to finally buy and use it for my own personal purpose at home knowing exactly what I am getting.

As an example, we have been implementing the use of Carbonite business backup in the office. Since I got to know more about the product and really loved it in the office, I decided to purchase a subscription for myself for my own personal use at home. In fact, my cool boss even suggested that I visit 95BOX Carbonite Business reviews and grab hold of the featured offer on Carbonite online backup for home use so that I can save some money.

He said that when the office decided to use Carbonite, they initially looked at the Carbonite pro plan for business but decided to get Carbonite server plan for business instead cause it suited our business needs. Furthermore, they were able to get hold of a promo offer that provided an instant discount, which worked really great. Since that was the case, I decided to just go to the same site to get hold of a promo offer.

Do you think software programmers are cool?

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