software-programming-learnModesty aside, I think most people find me amusing. Sure, I get a lot of weird looks and smirks every time I proudly announce that I’m a software programmer. But deep inside me, I think that people are really amused with what I do. Well, I can’t blame them for being amused. I do find my job quite amusing.

I think part of the reason why a lot of folks find software programming amusing is because of the various languages it entails. Well, I must admit that it does sound quite intimidating. But really, it’s no big deal. The languages we, programmers, use is just like any kind of language that is spoken. Having said that, learning the language we speak is just as natural as learning another spoken language aside from English. But of course, I know it’s easier said than done.

There are thousands of programming languages out there. While some may not be as relevant as the other, there is more than a handful to learn. The challenge is to finally seize that moment to learn a language.

With a wide array of programming languages, it’s pretty hard to decide as to which one to learn first. It’s like signing up for an elective language course in school … will be it be Spanish or French?

The good thing about learning a programming language is that there’s no need to think hard as to which one to learn first. Just seize that moment and decide to learn a language. Everything will follow. After learning one language, it’s easy to learn to another.

Here are a couple of tips to consider in learning a programming language. Ken Lowrey shares some workable tips that can you take on a learning opportunity in the exciting world of software programming.

  • Decide and learn now. It doesn’t matter which language you choose. Just learn one now.
  • Don’t learn the most difficult language. Pick a language that you can relate to. After learning one language, learning the next language will be a lot easier.
  • Learn a language that most people are using. You can research as to which language is widely used. What I normally do is ask my friends as to which apps they love. I relate a particular language to their favorite game or software and they become really intrigued. Of course, it’s not 100% effective. But some get really curious and start researching about a particular language. I think that’s a good start.
  • Find effective learning materials. Don’t collect as many learning materials. Having a lot of learning materials will just be very confusing.  Find one that is a reliable learning source.
  • Choose a language that you are interested in. For starters, this is a tricky one. How can you possibly know which language interests you?  Ken Lowrey suggests that you think of what you want to accomplish first. Do you want to make the most awesome website or the next amazing apps? Decide as to which one you want to accomplish and then choose the language.

While Ken Lowrey lists some recommended languages, the most important tip is to learn now.  Learning a language will definitely be more than amusing. It’s no doubt useful in this time and age.


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